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SSP3 Panel Mount SSRs

SSP3 Panel Mount SSRs

Simple, safe and robust screw terminals

  • Simple and easy wiring. Allows wires with all kinds of terminations (cable ends, fork lug, ring lug).
  • Safe and fool-proof design with IP 20 protection and integrated enclosure.
  • Robust self-aligned screw terminals with proven effectiveness in preventing screw jams.

Simplified installation and mounting

  • Product option with ready factory-fit thermal pad.
  • Heat sink provides Panel and DIN rail mounting options.

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SSP3 three-phase panel mount relays

  • Load output connection screw terminals
  • Control input connection screw terminals
  • Control input voltage LED indicator
  • Factory-fit thermal pad that is glued on the rear of the product
  • 25A and 50A units
  • 530Vac rating
  • Zero cross and random switching

Specifiche Tecniche

Dielectric Strength 4 kV AC for input or output to case, 4 kV AC for input/output
Mounting Panel
Control Voltage 18-36VAC, 180-280VAC, 4-32VDC, 90-140VAC
Torque 0.9…1.1 N.m for input, 1.7…2.2 N.m for output
Connections – Terminals Screw terminals : 1 x 1.5…1 x 10 mm², (AWG 16…AWG 8) for output
Insulation >= 1000 MOhm at 500 V DC, Screw terminals : 1 x 0.2…1 x 2.5 mm², (AWG 24…AWG 14) for input
Solid State Output Type Random Voltage Switching, Zero Crossing
Load Current 0.1…25 A, or 0.1…50 A
Voltage Drop <= 1.35 V on-state
Leakage Current <= 3 mA off-state
DV/Dt 500 V/μs off-state at maximum voltage
Overvoltage Category III
Width 101.3 mm
Depth 35.4 mm
Weight 0.36 kg
Pollution Degree 2
Standards IEC 60950-1, IEC 61000, IEC 62314
Approvals CE, CSA, REACH, RoHS, UL
IP Rating IP20
Ambient Air Temperature for Operation -40…80 °C
Ambient Air Temperature for Storage -40…125 °C
Transient Overvoltage 1200 V
Output 48…530 VAC
Height 79.7 mm
Phases 3-phase
Contact Inputs 3 NO
Control Types Without Test Button
Power Rating >= 0.5 With Maximum Load
Maximum Capacitance <= 8 pF for input/output
LED Indicator LED green for input status
Flame Retardance V0 conforming to UL 94
Sustainable Offer Status Green Premium product
RoHS (date code:YYWW) Compliant – since 1328
Product Environmental Profile Available
Product End of Life Instructions Available