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Historian Client

Historian Client


Historian Client® trending and analysis software  provides plant data analysis and reporting solutions for Information Manager – giving better managed plant performance that can:

  • Boost profitability
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Improve market agility & flexibility
  • Uses Wonderware® Historian Client Suite
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Bringing Plant data to everyone’s desktop

Historian Client software includes a suite of client applications that maximise the value of the data stored in the Information Manager Historian. In addition, Historian Client software enables individuals at all levels of an organisation to easily access plant and process data using simple point and click dialogs. Historian Client clients can disseminate information across a network, intranet or the Internet.

Using corporate information highways, Historian Client software analyses trending data over time, performs numerical data analysis using Microsoft® Excel, offers comprehensive data reporting using Microsoft Word, and provides ad-hoc access to historical and real-time information on the plant floor.

Improving plant performance through better Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence can be greatly accelerated through the use of a system for managing plant performance. This often takes the form of an

integrated plant information system that links real-time and historical plant data to plant decision makers and their support personnel.

Historian Client client applications include:

Trend…powerful data analysis tool

A desktop tool that presents all types of plant data in a graphical format.

Query…easy access to all your plant data

Every user has data requirements and they are constantly changing. Though routine reports cover a wide range of needs, special reports are always a requirement.

Workbook and report

Historian Client Workbook is a Microsoft Excel Add-in that provides plant data connectivity.

Custom application development

Manufacturing and industrial operations are generally custom designed for their purpose. Most plants have customized control systems and industrial applications to optimize the performance of the facility.

Web Server…maximize return on information

Creating data reports and plots alone are not enough. Information becomes valuable to the enterprise when it is shared.  Decisions can be made more quickly when everyone involved sees the same information.


  • Powerful data analysis tool (Trend)
  • Easy access to all of your plant data (Query)
  • Workbook and Report
  • Custom application development

Information distribution (Web Server)